Promoting wellbeing in Aboriginal men and boys

Posted 9 Nov 2021

New research at Flinders will focus on promoting mental health, including social and emotional wellbeing and reduced risk of suicide, in Aboriginal men and boys.

Associate Professor Tamara Mackean and the project investigators will translate knowledge into practice to improve the wellbeing of Aboriginal men and boys using an ecological framework.

“Ecological frameworks of wellbeing are like Aboriginal understandings of wellness and provide an understanding of the range of factors at play in the wellbeing of Aboriginal men and boys," A/Prof Mackean said.

The project will use Indigenous research methodologies and establish collaborative research relationships with Aboriginal Elders, people, and organisations with a shared interest in the wellbeing of Aboriginal men and boys.

Researchers will also collaborate with Aboriginal men and boys, as well as the broader community, to develop resources, including digital resources, that promote and protect wellbeing, incorporating mental health.

The research will be led by Aboriginal academics from Flinders University’s College of Medicine and Public Health and the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and informed by Indigenous knowledges of health and lived experience. The findings will be used to form recommendations for health promotion and prevention activities in South Australia.

This is one of nine projects being undertaken by researchers in the new Freemasons Centre for Male Health and Wellbeing at Flinders University. The Centre’s research is supported through funding from the Masonic Charities Trust and Flinders Foundation.

The Freemasons Centre for Male Health and Wellbeing is a SA and NT research alliance involving Flinders University and Flinders Foundation, Masonic Charities Trust, the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, Menzies School of Health Research and the University of Adelaide.

Research category: Aboriginal Men’s Health

Project title: Translation of knowledge into practice: building the wellbeing of Aboriginal men and boys using an ecological framework

Chief and Associate Investigators: A/Prof Tamara Mackean (Flinders University) (Pictured), Dr Matt Fisher (Flinders University), Tirripta Ritchie (Flinders University), Dr Annabelle Wilson (Flinders University), Roland Wilson (Flinders University), Madison Shakespeare (Flinders University), Doug Turner (Flinders University), Duncan Langford-Glass (Flinders University)


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