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We believe in the power of partnership. Together with dedicated organisations and groups, we’re on a collective mission to enhance the health and happiness of individuals young and old.

Join hands for better health

At Flinders Foundation, we partner with organisations and groups to improve health outcomes on a global scale. Learn about our initiatives in child protection, overseas health, precision medicine and head and neck cancers. Join us in partnership for a brighter future.

The Karen Fitzgerald Fund

Championing children's rights

In partnership with Flinders Foundation, The Karen Fitzgerald Fund creates a haven of safety and care for children braving the darkness of abuse and neglect. The fund was founded by those who worked alongside South Australian child protection pioneer Karen Fitzgerald, aiming to carry forward her legacy as a fierce advocate for children's rights.

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The Flinders Overseas Health Group

Healing hands across borders

A passionate collective of health champions – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health workers and scientists – the Flinders Overseas Health Group extends a healing hand to the Indonesian province of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), including West Timor.

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The Ryan Hodges Fund

Giving hope to cancer patients

The Ryan Hodges Fund supports South Australian researchers who want to change how cancer treatments are given. They want to make sure each patient gets the right amount of medicine that works best for them. This new way of treating cancer is called precision dosing.

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The Head and Neck Cancer Fund

Fighting against head and neck cancers

The Head and Neck Cancer Fund comprises a team of everyday heroes dedicated to improving the quality of life and outcomes of patients living with theses disease. Affecting more than 17,000 Australians, head and neck cancers can take away people’s ability to eat, speak and even breathe. The team supports research, equipment and access to care for patients being treated at Flinders, giving them hope and dignity.

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