We believe research is the key to solving some of the biggest global health challenges of our time. Without research, we can’t find new ways to prevent, cure and care. That’s why we passionately support brilliant minds as they search for answers to heal the world.

Everything starts with an idea

Every donation is a promise that we’re in this together, elevating care, fostering hope and advancing discoveries.

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Fuelling the next big breakthrough

We are proud to partner with Flinders University and the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (including Flinders Medical Centre), where world-class researchers work alongside clinicians on some of the most challenging and important questions affecting humankind.

We support research across the spectrum of life and health, from birth to death, from cancer to cardiology. We also fund multidisciplinary research beyond the realm of medicine; if it has a health impact, we’ll back it.

The outcomes of the research we support have been published, cited and referenced globally, demonstrating the impact of Flinders not just as local leaders, but as global changemakers.

Seeds of change

Supporting researchers at every stage of their career, from emerging to experienced, we offer:

Annual Seed Grants

For early career researchers to start or continue their projects, generate preliminary data, and attract bigger national and global grants.

Read more about our Health Seed Grants.


For experienced researchers to pursue their studies and careers in various fields.

Read more about your support of scholarships at Flinders.


To get the brightest minds into research careers to make new discoveries.

Read more about your support of scholarships at Flinders.

Funding for researchers

To access equipment, facilities, training and networking opportunities.

Read more about your support of research at Flinders.

Everything starts with an idea

Over the years, the annual Flinders Foundation Health Seed Grant program, in partnership with Flinders University has led to new discoveries, bold new ways of thinking, and improvements in patient care and treatment.

Watch the video below to see how your support of seed funding is helping talented researchers grow their ideas.

Your impact

In 2022, we funded 105 health and medical research projects totalling more than $2.5 million. Some of our focus areas included:

And many more.

We believe that every project we fund has the potential to change lives and save lives around the world.

Expert informed

Our independent research committee is made up of active researchers who evaluate and recommend the best projects to fund.

This way, we know every dollar we receive goes to the projects which are most impactful and funding allocation is based on scientific merit.

Meet our Research Committee

Make your brilliant idea a reality

We work in partnership with Flinders University and the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) to fund a variety of projects and initiatives that aim to improve patient outcomes and achieve health and medical breakthroughs.

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Your power. Our purpose.

We can’t support research without your support. Through donations and partnerships, you can help us make amazing research feats possible.

You are part of our team. You share our vision, our values, and our goals.

Together, we can make a difference in health and medical research.

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