Celebrating dedication and advancements in precision dosing

Posted 24 May 2024
Welcoming our two new Ryan Hodges Fellows

We are thrilled to share some exciting news made possible by your generosity and support. Thanks to you, the Ryan Hodges Fund, in partnership with Flinders Foundation, has committed $150,000 to two research positions, expanding the Precision Dosing Program, which honours the legacy of Ryan Hodges, who gained precious extra time with his family through this program.

We’re delighted to introduce our two new Fellows for the Ryan Hodges Fellowship, Dr. Ramin Hassankhani and Eugene Tan (pictured above with Helen Hodges). Their appointments mark significant milestones in our journey towards advancing precision dosing for cancer patients.

Ramin and Eugene bring diverse expertise and passion to their respective roles. Ramin, with his background in microbiology and drug discovery, will play a pivotal role in expanding the Precision Dosing Program, contributing to measuring the efficacy of treatments for more cancer drugs. Eugene, with his experience in pharmacy and dedication to research, will coordinate the day-to-day management of the program, aiming to improve outcomes for patients using anti-cancer medications.

Together, their roles signify a concerted effort towards advancing cancer treatments and offering hope to those affected by the disease. Their dedication echoes the spirit of the Ryan Hodges Fund, driven by the goal to support precision dosing research at Flinders, offering targeted treatments and – importantly – the gift of hope and time to people with advanced cancer.

"We're honoured to have Ramin and Eugene on board and are excited to create better outcomes for people with cancer,” says Ross Verschoor, Executive Director.

“I want to express my heartfelt thanks to supporters of the Ryan Hodges Fund for their generous support of precision dosing research at Flinders. Together, we are giving the gift of hope and time to more people like Ryan."

Ross Verschoor
Executive Director

Thank you for being part of this journey.

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