Farewell to Neonatal Unit’s ‘milk lady’

Posted 25 Mar 2024
When Pat Rhodes first set foot in the Flinders Medical Centre Neonatal Unit in 1983 she’d never handled a baby before.

It was very scary, they were all such tiny babies…nowadays, I would have held thousands and thousands and they’re all just so beautiful.
Pat Rhodes

Soon after arriving, a job opened up in the unit’s milk room. “I went in there and never came out,” Pat laughs.

For more that 40 years, Pat has been affectionately called the ‘Milk Lady’. Together with her colleagues she’s meticulously organised milk supplies and managed feeds for up to 45 babies at a time, with some needing eight bottles a day.

“I loved knowing I’d got all the feeds out and being able to go around and chat to all the mums about their babies and their milk supply, and help them when they needed,” Pat says.

“I’ve also loved working with so many great staff.”

After four decades of service, Pat now heads off into retirement with plenty of caravan and overseas trips on the cards – but she looks forward to continuing to reunite with neonatal babies and families while out and about.

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