Healthy eating app for working families

Posted 7 Nov 2018

Time poor families are trading nutrition for convenience in order to get dinner on the table - a shift contributing to a rise in unhealthy meal habits.

But Flinders researchers will explore whether a new phone-based app could play a role in helping to improve the diets of young children.

Preparing healthy family meals requires planning, resources and time; factors that many two-income families struggle with. The need for both caregivers to be in paid employment can make family meal time a burden, and the temptation to take short cuts or purchase fast food is high.

But using mobile food preparation apps to provide tailored, real time support for families trying to prepare healthy meals could help promote behavioural change.

Flinders University Associate Professor Rebecca Golley and her team will use a Flinders Foundation Health Seed Grant to collect data on the efficiencies and effectiveness of several commercially available meal planning, shopping planning and food preparation mobile apps.

Their aim is to develop an evidence-based app to support the creation of healthy meals to improve the diets of young children. With smartphone ownership nearly universal in Australia, Assoc Prof Golley’s research could have a major impact on the eating habits of time poor families.

This research is made possible thanks to a generous supporter and generous donations from the community.

Project title: Mobile apps to support healthy evening meal provision in working families: a feasibility study

Lead researcher: Associate Professor Rebecca Golley


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