Introducing the first Ryan Hodges Fellow, Dr Ramin Hassankhani

Posted 22 Mar 2024
We are thrilled to share some exciting news made possible by your generosity and support.

Thanks to you, the Ryan Hodges Fund, in partnership with Flinders Foundation has committed $150,000 to two research positions, expanding the Precision Dosing Program which Ryan benefited from. Your generosity ensures that people living with cancer can have access to more effective treatments, leading to better outcomes and longer survival rates.

We’re delighted to introduce the first Fellow for the Ryan Hodges Fellowship, Dr Ramin Hassankhani.

Ramin's appointment marks a significant milestone in our journey toward advancing precision dosing for cancer patients. He will play a pivotal role in advancing precision dosing for cancer patients by contributing to more cancer drugs being added to the Precision Dosing Program to measure the efficacy of treatments.

The program initially included only six cancer drugs, two of which are now outdated. Following this appointment, the goal now is to increase the program to include 20 or more drugs.

The drugs will be more effective and less toxic for patients, resulting in prolonged survival and better quality of life, in turn giving people more time to spend with the people they love. It was thanks to the Precision Dosing research team, that Ryan had seven more years to create precious memories with his wife Helen and son Ollie.

Ramin’s journey into precision medicine is a remarkable tale of dedication and passion for improving cancer treatments. He brings a wealth of experience from his background in microbiology and drug discovery. From developing cancer drugs to leading projects on biomarker development, Ramin brings invaluable expertise to this role.

This appointment reflects the legacy of Ryan Hodges, whose vision for personalised medicine continues to inspire us all.

We're honoured to have Ramin on board, and excited to follow the impact he’ll make in our fight against cancer. Stay tuned as we introduce the second Fellow in the coming weeks.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks for your generous support of precision dosing research at Flinders. Together we are giving the gift of hope and time to more people like Ryan.

Ross Verschoor
Executive Director

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