Jane’s Wish – the Jane Watson Ramsey PhD Scholarship in Multiple Myeloma Research

Posted 7 Apr 2022

Ali Habib, recipient of the inaugural Jane Watson Ramsey PhD Scholarship in Multiple Myeloma Research, says Jane and Bill’s generosity is providing him with the opportunity to make a difference for people living with the incurable disease.

“Receiving the inaugural Jane Watson Ramsey Scholarship means a great deal to me because of the meaning behind the scholarship – this will be a driving factor in both my research and my life,” Ali says.

“The generosity of people like Jane and Bill paves the way for budding and passionate scientists, like me, to further our careers and contribute to the greater goal of curing currently incurable cancers.”

Ali will work under the guidance of Associate Professor Craig Wallington-Gates in the Multiple Myeloma Translational Research Laboratory at Flinders University.

Ali’s PhD will focus on investigating a newly discovered cell death pathway, ferroptosis, and how this pathway can be targeted to develop cutting edge therapies for multiple myeloma.

“I believe this scholarship will allow us to investigate novel targeted therapies to cure multiple myeloma,” Ali says.

“Jane and Bill, and the wider community, make it possible for laboratories like our own to make ground-breaking research. The multiple myeloma research community will forever be thankful to people like Jane and Bill. With the support of the multiple myeloma research community, we hope to one day make Jane’s wish come true and find a viable cure.”


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