Seed Grants: Where are they now?

Posted 15 Mar 2021

In 2014, support from generous people like you, funded a seed grant to help Flinders University researchers make new discoveries into head and neck cancer, and give patients fighting the disease hope for the future.

Thanks to you – and the Flinders team, led by Dr Damian Hussey (pictured middle left), Associate Professor Eng Ooi (left), Dr George Mayne (back) and Dr Charmaine Woods (right) – there’s now a promising blood test which could help to diagnose a common form of head and neck cancer in the same way diagnostic tests are available for other cancer types.

By using blood donated by Flinders Medical Centre patients, the research group have discovered a blood biomarker for oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma – the fastest growing type of head and neck cancer.

It's thanks to you that research like this is possible. We look forward to sharing more updates on this work, and more, with you. 


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