Flinders Foundation and Little Heroes Foundation team up for kids

Posted 15 Dec 2022

Flinders Foundation and Little Heroes Foundation have teamed up to fund a new SmileyScope virtual reality (VR) device for children in the Allergy Clinic at Flinders Medical Centre.

The VR headset transports young patients off into an underwater adventure in a bid to calm and distract them during procedures.

The SmileyScopes have been a ‘game changer’ for 10-year-old Spencer, who has a bee venom allergy and has been taken via ambulance to Flinders for treatment three times.

Spencer also has a needle phobia and his mum, Janice, said the SmileyScopes had made an incredible difference to the family’s experience in the Allergy Clinic.

“Spencer is very needle phobic and previous attempts at hypnosis did not work. The SmileyScope is a good distraction – even when Spencer gets anxious the SmileyScope gives us (parents and nurses) something to at least partially divert his attention, so the injection can be administered,” Janice said.

“Without the SmileyScope, I doubt the injections would have happened at all. Spencer is a savvy computer user and the opportunity to use a ‘VR headset’ had an incredible pull for him. Now, he actually asks for the SmileyScope when it’s time for his injections.”

Thank you to the Little Heroes Foundation and the community for supporting South Australian children and families, and helping the dedicated and highly-skilled staff at Flinders to provide the best care in the best environment.


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