Upper airway surgery for obstructive sleep apnoea

Posted 7 Nov 2018

A substantial percentage of Australians suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). Apart from disrupted sleep patterns, the condition contributes to a wide variety of health issues.

Our ability to provide the best possible options for treatment is influenced by our understanding of the effects of different treatments.

Professor Doug McEvoy is the recipient of a Flinders Foundation Health Seed Grant which will allow him and his team to test if multi-level upper airway surgery is effective to patients in the long-term, and to identify any long-term complications.

Currently, multi-level upper airway surgery is considered a ‘rescue’ or ‘salvage operation’ for those who have failed other medical management options. If successful, this trial could re-position multi-level upper airway surgery as a much needed, first-line treatment.

Better understanding of the results of multi-level upper airway surgery will help provide valuable guidance to clinicians managing OSA patients who would otherwise remain untreated.

This research is made possible thanks to a generous supporter and generous donations from the community.

Project title: Evaluating long-term clinical effectiveness of multi-level upper airway surgery for OSA: follow-up of clinical trial participants

Lead researcher: Professor Doug McEvoy


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