Flinders Foundation Health Seed Grant Round

Flinders Foundation, in partnership with Flinders University, proudly offers seed grant funding each year through the Flinders Foundation Health Seed Grant Round.

Everything starts with an idea

Every donation is a promise that we’re in this together, elevating care, fostering hope and advancing discoveries.

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The Flinders Foundation Health Seed Grant Round initiative allocates funds to fuel the pioneering efforts of exceptional research projects.

These grants serve as catalysts for groundbreaking research endeavours aimed at enhancing health outcomes and fostering positive transformations within our communities, both locally and globally.

Fuelling the next big breakthrough

Spanning a spectrum of critical health concerns, from cancer and Motor Neurone Disease to mental health, children’s health, sleep disorders, eye health and much more, our grant recipients are leading the charge in addressing the most urgent health and societal issues.

This annual grant round is made possible through the generosity of individual donors, as well as the dedicated support of various organisations and advocates committed to advancing health outcomes through innovative research projects.

Together, we embark on a journey to pave the way for a healthier, brighter future for all.

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Everything starts with an idea

Over the years, the annual Flinders Foundation Health Seed Grant program, in partnership with Flinders University has led to new discoveries, bold new ways of thinking, and improvements in patient care and treatment.

Watch the video below to see how your support of seed funding is helping talented researchers grow their ideas.

Seed grants provide a vital opportunity to deliver proof of concept on a great idea.

Focussed on health and medical research, they aim to deliver real-world outcomes for people while driving ground-breaking scientific exploration.

By fostering innovation, these grants have the potential to transform how we operate in the health and medical field, ultimately enhancing the lives of many.

Associate Professor Michael Michael
Cancer Research Program Lead, Flinders Health and Medical Research Institute

We believe that every project we fund has the potential to change lives and save lives around the world.

We can’t support research without your support.

Through donations and partnerships, you can help us make amazing research feats possible.

You are part of our team. You share our vision, our values, and our goals.

Together, we can make a difference in health and medical research.

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