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Giving time, empower hope, extend life. Join the Ryan Hodges Fund in supporting precision dosing research at Flinders, offering targeted treatments and - importantly - the gift of hope and time to people with advanced cancer.

Empower hope, extend life.

Donate to the Ryan Hodges Fund and support groundbreaking research that enhances both the quantity and quality of life for patients with cancer.

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Buy time for people with advanced cancer

Imagine facing a stage 4 cancer diagnosis, uncertain if you’ll live to see your child be born. That was the reality for Ryan Hodges, a fit and healthy 32-year-old who had no family history of cancer.

But thanks to the amazing doctors at Flinders and a precision dosing research team, Ryan was given seven more years to create precious memories with his wife Helen and son Ollie.

Contribute to the Ryan Hodges Fund and back groundbreaking research that enhances both the quantity and quality of life for people like Ryan.

The power of precision

Traditional cancer treatments, while effective, take a toll on healthy cells alongside cancerous ones, leading to nasty side effects.

Precision dosing hits differently. It targets only cancer cells, leaving healthy ones untouched. What's more, it tailors the treatment to each individual's unique body, ensuring the right dose for maximum impact.

Extend the moments that matter

The Ryan Hodges Fund was established by Ryan and Helen Hodges in partnership with Flinders Foundation to support precision dosing research at Flinders.

Without this research, Ryan wouldn’t have lived long enough to experience many of those ‘firsts’ – his son’s first steps, first day of school and all life's little moments in between.

You can make a difference

A donation to the Ryan Hodges Fund is a lifeline for people with advanced cancers, offering them targeted treatments that boost their chances of survival.

Your support is also a tribute to Ryan's legacy and his wish to make a difference in the lives of others.

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A father’s hope

Just a day after undergoing a biopsy for a shadow on his lung, Ryan Hodges and his wife Helen received joyous news – they were expecting their first child. But within days, Ryan faced an unimaginable blow, being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

“At 32, a healthy non-smoker, I never thought of lung cancer. It blindsided us," recalls Ryan.

Amid the shock, his mind raced through the unknowns: "Will I be there to witness my son's birth? How can I be part of his life? What if Helen is alone with a baby?”

I raise money for cancer research so that one day, my son won’t grow up with the fear of cancer.

For seven remarkable years, Ryan cherished every second with his family, creating memories that defied expectations. Thanks to precision dosing and an unwavering spirit, he outlasted the typical five-year forecast for advanced lung cancer patients.

“There is no one out there like me, and the doctors have never treated anyone exactly like me before. That’s the beauty of it… everyone’s an individual. When I talk to people, I like to remind them of that.”

In October 2021, Ryan left behind a legacy of hope. Join us in extending time for cancer patients.

Every contribution counts. Your support matters.

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