UGT enzymes in prostate and breast cancers

Posted 6 Nov 2018

Researchers at Flinders are hoping to advance their understanding of, and treatment responses for, prostate and breast cancer by unlocking the mysteries of UDP-glucuronosyltransferase enzymes – more commonly called UGTs.

The UGT protein family are a critical part of the body’s detoxification system and are responsible for the elimination of thousands of compounds – including foreign chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs and hormones – from the body. Recent studies have shown that several UGT family members have been linked to prostate and breast cancer risk, progression, and treatment response.

Dr Julie-Ann Hulin will use a Flinders Foundation Health Seed Grant to expand knowledge of UGT and androgen receptor biology. It’s hoped further research may provide a novel means for developing UGTs as drug targets, or as markers of cancer progression and drug response.

This research is made possible thanks to the generous support of Mr Ralph Ernst, Drakes Supermarkets and suppliers of items in the Drakes Charity Showbag.

Project title: Novel modulation of nuclear receptor signalling by UDP-glucuronosyltransferase (UGT) enzymes in prostate and breast cancer.

Lead researcher: Dr. Julie Ann Hulin


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