Patricia’s thanks for new life-saving ECMO machine

Posted 18 Nov 2019

Patricia recently returned to Flinders Medical Centre to thank the doctors and nurses who worked to revive her four times…and saved her life. 

Collapsing in the supermarket, Patricia suffered a pulmonary embolism and was rushed to FMC where she was placed on the life-saving Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) machine.

For six days, this machine acted as an artificial lung and heart, pumping and oxygenating Patricia’s blood.

It saved her life.

Speaking with doctors and nurses on her recent visit, Patricia was full of gratitude:

“I’m sorry I don’t remember you, I was unconscious. But thank you for everything you did for me. Thank you for saving my life,” Patricia said.

Patricia shared her story as part of Flinders Foundation’s recent campaign to raise $120,000 to buy a new ECMO machine with the latest technology for the Intensive and Critical Care Unit at FMC.

Thanks to generous donations from the community, and the Volunteer Service for the Flinders Medical Centre, the new ECMO recently arrived at FMC. Together with her three daughters, Patricia was able to take a look at the new equipment.

“If it wasn’t for the ECMO machine, I wouldn’t be here. I stake my life on that,” Patricia said.

“I’m so thrilled more lives can now be saved thanks to this new machine.”

Speak with Flinders Foundation to find out how you can support patient care and research – email or phone 8204 5216

Patricia and her daughters meet with Dr Ubbo Wiersema who helped save Patricia's life.

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