Thanks to you Sheren can overcome cancer fatigue

Posted 15 Mar 2021

“After I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) I lost about 12kgs, and a lot of that was muscle."

"I had no energy at all, was very fatigued and just felt like sleeping all the time. My doctor told me exercise was really important to overcome the fatigue and build up my strength again, but it’s hard to be motivated when you have no energy," says Sheren Potter, 48.

To help regain her strength and overcome fatigue, Sheren’s doctor referred her to the cancer-related fatigue exercise program at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) which she attends twice a week.

Run by physiotherapists, the 12-week program provides cancer patients with a personalised exercise plan, classes and support in the gym which can be accessed before, during or after cancer treatment.

“Cancer-related fatigue is best described as an overwhelming tiredness that’s not relieved by resting,” FMC physiotherapist Ellen Callery says.

“Historically there was a focus on telling people with cancer to rest, but we’re now moving away from that as evidence shows that exercise and maintaining a level of activity is the best management. It’s been really great to see improvements in patients’ quality of life.”

The exercise program is one of several new and existing services which cancer patients and their families will be able to access when the Cancer Wellness Centre at Flinders reopens in the coming months.

“I’m increasing the things I’m able to do in the class and can definitely see improvements,” Sheren says.

“The physiotherapists are great and were able to talk to me about my condition and make it a personalised program. I really recommend it for other cancer patients like me.”

Thank you for helping to improve the lives of cancer patients like Sheren.


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