Cancer Diagnosis Advance

A group of friends – each closely affected by cancer – have pulled on their dancing shoes to help buy new technology for use in cancer diagnosis.

The generous group hosted the “Live and Let Live” bush concert, raising an incredible $21,000 for health charities – including funds for a new tele-health microscope at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer.

Charity group ‘The Grumpies’ also held a movie night to help raise funds for the equipment.

This new technology can transmit images of tissue and biopsy samples via live video feed to a patient’s treatment team – who may be spread across multiple locations around Australia.

Specialist radiologists, pathologists, oncologists and physicians will primarily use this new set-up for the most difficult cases involving a cancer diagnosis. It also means they can consult with specialists located interstate, or those located in remote communities.

Group member and cancer survivor Jurgen Ollwitz, has been treated at Flinders for the past 32 years.

“I know everyone at Flinders by first name and they know me,” Jurgen, 60, says.

“They’ve treated me so wonderfully and I wanted to pay them back.

“My thinking is, if we give money and equipment to the right people, then one day the world might collectively get rid of this horrible disease which is affecting so many people.”

Thanks to Ken and Vicki Spratt, Jurgen and Helen Ollwitz, Terry and Carol Crabb and Don and Chris Ward for their wonderful support.

If you love organising events, you too could make a difference. Call our team on (08) 8204 5216 for more information on how your event could raise vital funds.


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