Cycling for a Cure

An unforgettable cycling adventure through Cambodia has raised almost $57,000 for cancer research at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer.

The 10-member team, many of whom have lost a loved one or have their own personal cancer story, joined Flinders Foundation CEO Amanda Shiell and cycled 340km over 7 days in March 2018 -  often over rough terrain, through hot and humid conditions, and through mud and rain.

"But their hard work will make an incredible difference, by helping to fund cancer research projects at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer. Part funds will also support programs at Cancer Care Unley.

Team member Karen White rode in memory of her sister, Flinders researcher Robyn Flook who sadly died of cancer in April 2017:

“I hadn’t been on a bike for 20 years, and even then, the furthest I rode was probably 10km along flat bike paths – so doing over 340km in Cambodia, along questionable surfaces and in tough conditions was just so far out of my comfort zone,” Karen said.

“But knowing that you are doing something to help researchers, and people diagnosed with cancer was a huge incentive.

“We all went there as individuals who didn’t know each other but shared a common goal - and we came back as a team.”

Team member Jillian Smith lost her husband Anthony Mazzone from brain cancer in 2017, just five months after he was diagnosed.

Despite an impressive fundraising tally, for Jillian the ride became much more than just a “charity bike ride”.

“It really was a pilgrimage, and became a process for me to say goodbye to Anthony,” Jillian says of the trip.

“I wanted to create a legacy for him and do something to help others in his name and memory.

“The trip was also something positive for me to work towards and focus on and help me in my grief.”

If you’re interested in joining a future Flinders Foundation adventure to raise funds for a cause you’re passionate about, contact the Flinders Foundation team by emailing or call us on 8204 5216.


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