Thanks to you more babies can be as happy as Harry!

‘Brainz’ technology is often required for babies deprived of oxygen at birth. It allows specialists to newborn seizures – no matter how subtle – and treat them before long-term damage occurs. 

Thanks to your support at Christmas time the Flinders Medical Centre Neonatal Unit has a new ‘Brainz’ machine!  

Your generous support raised the $55,000 needed. This means more babies at risk of brain damage can access this specialised brain monitoring equipment. It will give them the greatest chance of living a happy and healthy life.

A grateful Dr Sanjay Sinhal, recently spoke with us about the difference this technology will make at Flinders.

“The Neonatal Unit is expanding in the coming months and we expect that admissions will increase," Dr Sinhal said.

“The additional ‘Brainz’ Machine will help between five and ten babies every year and will also ensure we can treat two babies at once.”

This simply wouldn’t have been possible without you, and a generous gift from the Flinders Medical Centre Volunteer Service.

We already know how life-changing the Brainz Machine is. It helped save Harry Amundsen’s life.

Harry didn’t take his first breath for two and a half minutes.  He suffered severe oxygen deprivation at birth, and blood loss to the brain saw his internal organs begin to shut down.

His parents, Denelle and Chris, were told he may have suffered long-term brain damage.

“We were told the worst-case scenario was that he might not make it or, if he did, he might end up in a wheelchair and need 24/7 care,” Denelle says.

Harry spent 72 hours on the ‘Brainz’ Machine, allowing specialists to monitor him for problems and seizures and treat him immediately.

Thanks to this equipment and specialist care, Denelle says Harry is now a thriving 16-month-old boy. "He loves trains and running  around with his brother Archer."

“He’s incredible and you wouldn’t even know what he’s been through,” Denelle says.

Thank you so much for your support. You’ve made a huge difference to babies just like Harry.


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