New three-year Brain Cancer Research Fellowship

Posted 12 Feb 2020

Funds raised by those who attended the 2019 Pink Yellow Blue Ball and SAPOL’s Ride Like Crazy event, and generous donation from supporters in the community and Sarah Constructions, will fund a new three-year Brain Cancer Research Fellowship, shared between Flinders University’s Associate Professor Simon Conn and Dr Cedric Bardy.

The pair will use the fellowship to focus on developing biomarkers for the earliest possible detection of brain cancer, and take steps towards creating personalised treatments for those diagnosed with the disease to give them more time with their loved ones and, hopefully one day, the chance to beat it.

Unlike other cancers, there has been no improvement in survival of patients with brain cancer over the past 30 years. A statistic these researchers want to change.

“Were going to be using the best skills from both our labs to try and discover this disease before it’s too late, and then long term we want patients to have personalised treatment for brain cancer like they have for other cancers,” Dr Bardy says.

“Thank you so very much because without this funding we couldn’t take this giant step towards making a difference for these patients,”

A/Prof Conn says.

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