Little Beads for our Little Champions

Posted 26 Apr 2019

Babies in the Flinders Medical Centre Neonatal Unit can have a special memento of their medical journey.

Generous donations to Flinders Foundation are enabling Stella Bella Little Beads to be given to sick and premature babies in the unit to mark important milestones, brave days and recognise the many extensive and invasive medical procedures these babies endure during their neonatal journey.

The end result is a treasured string of beads representing each babies’ personal story.

Rahni (pictured), who was born at 31 weeks, was among the first babies to receive the gift.

Her beads are a physical reminder to parents Melissa and Ross of her days within the neonatal unit, which include special memories of Rahnis’ first bath, first cuddles and first breastfeed.

“The beads are a beautiful reminder of Rahni’s little journey and a lovely way to celebrate things in a creative way,” mum Melissa says.

“They are also a wonderful tool for mums to connect with one another because we would get together, go for a coffee, do our beading and all chat about what was going on and ask each other questions…that connectivity is so valuable during that time.”

There are thirty-seven beads in the little beads collection, signifying a precious moment or achievement including events like a baby breathing on their own, special procedures, scans, tests and discharge from the unit, and many more.

Melissa and Ross made a generous donation to Flinders Foundation to help fund Stella Bella Little Beads for other neonatal families.

Thanks also to neonatal support group Parents Who Have Been There as well as Babcock Australasia for their generous donations.

If you would like to support activities like the Stella Bella Little Beads program, and help children and their families at Flinders you can make a donation today.


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